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I’ve never been a person to wait. the only thing i’ll wait for is chipotle. 

but waiting really makes you THINK about the value of whatever you are waiting for. If it’s value is high then the longer you’ll wait. 

I will wait. 

Bexley - affordable shoes with decent quality


What is Bexley?

Name might sound a bit unfamiliar for many - Bexley is a French footwear company, born in 1985 in Lyon, specialized in selling fine and affordable shoes for men - offering classical and fashionable products at a reasonable price as the main objectiveas they say at their website.


Most interesting about Bexley is definitely the pricing. All dress shoes are priced as 139 euros for the first pair and 89 euros for the second pair. For more casual shoes such as driving shoes, moccasins and sneakers the pricing is 79 euros for the first and 59 euros for the second pair. They’ve also got a full range of shoe care products, accessories, leather goods and even clothing - which all follow basically the same pattern. The more you buy - the cheaper the price.


Most of Bexley shoes are made in Europe and the leathers come mainly from the tannery of d’Annonay. The lasts and designs are made in house. Bexley does not have any retailers - only their own boutiques (10 in France and one in Brussels) and web shop. A decision that has probably been one of the biggest reason that has helped them to keep the price range as low as it is.

My experiences with Bexley

For me Bexley in fact was one of the first brands (together with Barker and Cheaney) I invested in when I started to build up my shoe rotation and moved from cheaply made Vagabond and such brands to “real leather shoes” with goodyear-welted construction. For a student at that time - the pricing method sounded interesting and gave a chance to get 2 pairs of shoes basically with a price of one pair from many other “semi-quality” makers such as Loake, Sanders, Markowski and others.

image1/2 my first ever Bexley purchase - chocolate brown wholecuts for office use. After a few years of wear they are still holding up nicely.

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