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SuitSupply F/W ´14 - collection preview


Suitsupply has just launched the the first selection of their upcoming fall and winter collection for pre-order. According to Suitsupply’s head designer Murray Coetzee, the team looked to the past for inspiration to create a collection that combines the archives of some of Italy’s finest fabric producers. Patterns in the collection range from subtle checks and bold windowpanes to classic houndstooth and are featured trough the whole range from suits, coats, shirts, ties and even in the outerwear pieces. In addition to patterns there are multiple plays by textures and fabrics that range from luxe cashmere blends all the way to hardy tweeds.

In terms of colors the collection is build on hard play with the shades of blue ranging from bold Neapolitan blues to deep navy tones with accents that run the gamut from rich shades of burnt orange to ochre, oxblood, and forest green. 

All in all there are multiple pieces and combinations that attracts interest. Although the selection for pre-order as well as the preview of the collection relies heavily on the bold standout pieces there are still many simple and plain - classic pieces that are easy to adapt one’s wardrobe - even for them who are not yet hardy (or dandy) enough to go out wearing the three-piece suits featuring big plaids or “look-at-me” checks.

As I know there are many who have wait for this collection I also picked out some of my personal favorites and pieces that caught my eye.

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i only want a girlfr when:

1. I want to spend double money

2. I want to share all my food

3. I want to stay up late for no reason and be tired in the morning 

4. I have infinite monies

5. I have infinite monies

6. I have infinite monies

7. I have infinite monies

Cat and Mouse

It’s always a game of cat and mouse. But it’s the twisted version. The cat won’t chase and the mouse won’t run. 

"His smile destroys my religion. His love shakes down my prison"

East and West - Jonathan David Hesler